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02-08-2012, 07:24 PM
may possibly be hunting wyoming region e or d for muleys this fall.. how is the public land as far as hunting pressure and access? i know they arent trophy areas but would like to know if there is still a huntable amount of bucks left??? any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

02-09-2012, 10:16 PM
I live in Laramie which is on the border of region D. There is a ton of public land out in the Snowy Range which would be areas: 75, 76, 78, and 79. Easy access to most of the area as there are roads in it, but also lots of trails where you can get away from people. I have seen deer out there but not very many nice bucks. The winter here has not been to bad, we don't have much snow and it hasn't been as cold as years past. So there is a chance you could find some very nice deer in the area. There are also a few wilderness areas up there, and you cant take any mechanical vehicles into them. I have been out in this region this winter a few times and have seen some dang nice deer that I would not pass up, but while hunting I have not seen these deer.

I also have spent a little time in area E and most of it is out on the high desert it looks like from the map. I have always been hunting antelope. I have not seen any deer out there the few times I've been there but you might have some luck over by Lander. I can't say much about this region because I have never hunted it for deer.

So if it was my decision I would probably go with region D, just because I have more experience with that region. It also depends on the kind of hunting you will be doing. From the deer I have seen out on the winter range this year I might even try to hunt over here this year. I usually hunt the other side of the state, but last winter really killed the deer over there. I'm hoping to get out and do some more scouting this summer, to see if I can find and good deer anywhere.

Hope this helps.

02-09-2012, 11:39 PM
I spent the 1st week of Sept in Region D last year and was not very happy with the overall hunt. I definitely don't know the area like muleymaniac but it was barron as far as the deer herd goes in my opinion. I jumped around a bit starting outside of Laramie, then behind Brown's Peak, and finished outside of Encampment Wilderness. I found the best deer herds over by Encampment and ended up taking a small 4x3. When I went archery elk hunting in Region 4 in MT a couple weeks later I saw more deer in one day than I saw the entire week in WY. 4 bucks over 160 in the group of 8, so it made my time in WY seem like a waste when taking into consideration deer numbers and quality. Great country, enjoyed backpacking around, but I think Guy is right, the deer are hurting in WY. I would look elsewhere.

02-19-2012, 10:40 AM
I would put in for Colorado, because Wyoming hunting has gone down the tubes