View Full Version : Preference points for Wyoming residents for elk deer and antelope

01-22-2012, 08:52 PM
I understand that the opportunity to hunt elk every year as a resident of Wyoming with a general tag is a great thing.

At this point as a resident of Wyoming I'm wishing that I could accrue preference points for elk and deer. I would rather have a chance to hunt a great unit every few years.

Any input

01-22-2012, 10:10 PM
Very surprising WY doesn't have pref points for residents for those species.

Btw I would personally do away with all general tags if it were up to me. I wouldn't have general tags good for state wide, I'd make everyone pick a spot to apply and hunt, or a region at least, not state wide. I think this would help manage the process better.

And even if every resident who applied still got a "general tag" it would kinda control where the masses go.

And yes residents should gain pref points too.

It's my understanding that the general mule deer tags have really hurt WY mule deer quality. When populations are down etc... they need to limit tags, and if that means getting rid of general tags so be it.

I believe as of now, everyone in the state could get an OTC tag and everyone could go hunt the same unit.... tell me how that manages anything?

I know in MT, region 3 seems to be the main general bull elk unit that gets hit hardest for DIY public land hunters with a general tag looking for a bull elk... and that certainly doesn't help anything....

Colorado Cowboy
01-23-2012, 07:07 AM
I'm not sure how the resident deer tag systems works, but there is no general, statewide NR deer tag. You can get a region tag that has several units in it, but some of the units in the region tag can still be restricted to separate draw with fewer tags available. Every region and unit tag has only a limited number of tags available to NR's. I don't know of any that are unlimited draw. I believe the only otc tags are leftovers that were not applied for in the NR draw.

Residents are a different situation.