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12-09-2011, 05:52 PM
I am looking at 89 as I know it's a better limited quota unit for deer. I plan to build points for a few years to hunt it though. I would like to antelope hunt in the area and get to know it for deer in the future. I just realized today that the Rattlesnake HMA is just for elk, so I'm wondering what part of 89 is the best for deer.

Since the antelope units are divided over the same area I don't know which one to hunt on. Do I hunt on 69 on the southern portion of 89 or hit 72 north and east of the Rattlesnake Hills? I hope this question makes sense, and thanks.

12-12-2011, 10:54 AM
I spent some time looking over units 69 and 72 back in October. I saw a bunch of animals in 69 but I don't think I saw a buck over 11 or 12 inches. The bucks were fewer and farther apart in 72 but a little better quality. Unit 69 has much better access than 72 but 72 has enough if you are careful where you are, some of it is a little chopped up. I did hear that the tag quota was going to be cut in 72 (good idea IMHO) just from the terrain and the deer I observed I would say that 72 would be the best unit for what you are looking to do. If you go early season be aware that the Rattlesnake hills are aptly named! I hunted unit 70 this year for pronghorns on a leftover tag, it was a tough late season hunt and I took a first timer with me that seemed intent on spooking every buck in the country. I was not even able to fill one of the three doe tags I had in my pocket, let alone a buck tag :(

Hope this helps!

12-19-2011, 12:09 PM
I've hunted that area from 1992 thru 1997. I actually have 40 acres on the east side of the Rattlesankes what is antelope area 72. Most all of the east side is private. I've hunted deer in 89 a couple times. Back then they would alternate it from limited entry to general. A couple yrs. ago Eastman's rated it top unit for state. I can't say. Last time I hunted it was 1997. I didn't see any big bucks but got a nice one in area 90 on the west side in 1994. Area 97 could be good too. I would hunt 69 or 68 on the west side for antelope. If you get a permission slip for the Dumbell ranch on west side you will have plenty of antelope to hunt ! Also will have easy access to the Rattlesnakes mtns. for 89 deer. 72 on east you will have access problems and mostly private land. 69 runs parralell to the Rattlesnakes going north and south from the highway on west side. 68 was the best unit on west side for me. It's bigger and better loper hunting if you ask me. I think the Dumbell ranch is a walk in or hunter management area now.If you were set on hunting that area, I myself would apply for 89 first choice and 90 or 97 second choce. That way you would get your point if didn't draw 89 and you could still hunt the west side of rattlesnakes somewhat and maybe get some idea of the unit. for antelope I would apply for 68 and 69. I wouldn't for 72 . That's just my opinion. I've been hunting the Cody area every year snice 1998 so a lot could have changed since then. Been hunting Wy. every year since 1983 but I'm still stuck here in Ca. ! At least I own a small piece of Wy.. That's good for my soul until when every Nov. comes ! hope this helped you a little. I'm pretty sure Gaynell and Norman Park still own the Dumbell Ranch. If not, it would be sad. She was a very nice lady. I haven't been there since 1997.
Take care, Don

12-20-2011, 11:40 AM
I posted a reply to you yesterday but don't see it. I remember it said it had to be checked by the webmaster or something. Don't know why. Had nothing bad in it. Hate to re write it all. I used to hunt area 89 and 90 from 1989 thru 1997. Back then they used to alternate 89 from limited entry to general. The east side has a lot of private land. The west side does also but not as much. A couple years ago Eastman's rated 89 as best deer area in state ??? I own 40 acres on the east side of the Rattlesnakes. It sits within 72 antelope. Lots of lopers but a lot of private land also. I myself would hunt 68 and 69 for loper's. More public land and I think the Dumbell Ranch is a HMA now. I don't know if the Park's still own the ranch. It was 90,000 acres. You can access the west side of the Rattlesnakes in from Dry Creek Rd. from the hwy. It parallels area 69 on the east side up to the Rattlesnakes and 68 on the west side. I've taken antelope on both but think 68 is better. More animals and more area to hunt. Took a nice buck (deer) in area 90 in 1994. . Hunted the eastside (Chugwater) from 1983 to 1987.I've always wanted to hunt 89 again but have been hunting out of Cody for the last 15 yrs. from 1998 to 2011. Hope this helped you in some way or another !