View Full Version : NM Valles Caldera elk hunt

11-19-2011, 11:24 PM
Which sub unit within the Valles Caldera is the best for trophy bulls? My dad has hunted the Valles Caldera for cows a few years before but we've never tried for bulls. I know its kinda tricky to get drawn because of the lottery ticket system especially if you don't want to buy a huge amout of tickets. My dad has seen a few bulls around 330" in Valles Caldera but I want to know which sub unit is the best for trophy bulls. Thanks!

11-28-2011, 01:01 PM
i don't think you can pick your unit can you? I was under the impression that once drawn for a tag they send you to a specific area and that's where you hunt, i could be wrong though.

12-01-2011, 08:31 PM
They have a drawing the friday before on which unit you get to hunt.

12-02-2011, 07:47 PM
Yeah thats right, I forgot about that. But during the hunt I know you can switch units when another hunter tags out so thats why I was wondering which units were good.