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09-15-2011, 09:17 PM
Me and my brother once again drew New Mexico archery mule deer tags. With the monster bucks we hunted last year in the back of our minds we were very excited and began scouting as soon as we were able to get on the forest due to fire restrictions. Scouting trip after scouting trip wasnt turning up a whole lot and we werent getting a whole lot on trail cameras to get very excited over.

Late in July I drove over to glass a little bit and to check our cameras and I picked up a shed off of one of the bucks that we hunted last year and this immediatly had us pumped and ready for Sept 1. A weekend camping trip and a few more day trips and opening day was just around the corner.

We both had to work on Sept 1 but we had everything packed up and ready for the road trip that night. Our first morning our was kind of slow but we had a couple nice bucks and a few younger bucks passing by one camera in particular. So that afternoon I was high off the ground in a tree stand.

Around 5 o'clock here came a nice 4 point, a 3 point and a couple forkies. Thinking that they would for sure come down the trail I was sitting I tried to be patient as they fed out in front of me for about 30 minutes at 65 yards. Well the 3 point and one of the forkies began to feed back into the thicket and the 4 point slowly began to follow. With light running out I drew my bow and took a 65 yards shot and watched my arrow fly inches in front of him. Knowing what this area holds I was able to laugh it off.

When I got back to camp it was already past dark and Lee was there waiting for me with some awesome news. While I was in the stand he went to a different area to try and locate some more deer since we hadnt been able to turn up the big bucks from last year. He glassed up 3 nice bucks suprisingly 2 of them were Cactus bucks. He watched them for a long time before he talked himself into throwing a stock on the bigger of the 2. After a long teadious stalk he sent an arrow thru this buck at 55 yards and he is the most unique buck I have ever layed eyes on. Bases as big around as a coke can carries that mass all the way up. Its hard to get good pictures of him but he ended up being a 9x8. He feels real tough killing deer that dont even have NUTS haha just kidding bro that is a once in a lifetime buck there.

Saturday brought a lot of weekend warrior hunters and they had deer scattered everywhere we were still able to glass them up but they were on the run before I was even able to begin a stalk so I thought the best thing to do was climb back in the stand and wait but nothing was wanting to move. Saturday my dad showed up to play camp cook and hang out and it was nice to have him there in camp as well.

Sunday morning started off the same as saturday with glassing up deer and having them scattered by someone else so we headed out to do some glassing were my brother had killed his buck. As luck would have it Lee made an awesome spot on a big buck bedded down in some shade about 3/4 mile away. So I was off on my stalk while my dad and brother watched it all unfold. An hour later I was within 50 yards from a doe and a 3x4 and was unable to see the bigger buck. So as soon as I had an oppurtunity I drew my bow settled my pin and watched my arrow disappear in the 3x4.

As soon as they ran it seemed like Lee was on top of the knob with me and I tell you this was a STEEP knob. I dont know how he got up there so quick but it took us a minute to find first blood but we only had to follow it for about 30 yards before we were able to see my buck at the bottom of the knob tangled up in a juniper snag. As we slid down the hill it was easy to see that my buck did cart wheels all the way down and unfortunently he snapped the 4th point on his left side and it was hanging on only by his velvet. He wasnt the bigger of the 2 bucks but I couldnt be happier with him.

We had a heck of a time over there and tho we were unable to locate the big bucks from last year we were able to find some awesome bucks anyway. It was awesome to have my brother and my dad there with me when I killed my buck. They have taught me everything I know. Cant wait till next year! 17091708170717061705

09-16-2011, 09:57 AM
Wow. Great looking bucks! Love the story too. Congrats.

09-16-2011, 10:21 AM
Those are some nice bucks. Congrats!

Jon Boy
09-16-2011, 11:09 AM
That cactus buck is awesome! and man that 3x4 looks like it has some really good mass! congrats looks like a fun hunt

09-16-2011, 11:13 AM
That is one weird/cool buck. Definitely wouldn't have passed him up. Looks like a fun trip

09-21-2011, 11:31 AM
What area did you pull these out of? they are nice!

09-21-2011, 11:34 AM
Definitely great bucks!!! Love the story as well! Congrats!