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Colorado Cowboy
09-04-2011, 04:19 PM
Right in the middle of planning a 2 month+ rv trip to Alaska for the summer of 2012. Would sure like to hunt moose when I' there without spending mega $$$ with an outfitter. I know the procedure for taking firearms thru Canada and will take care of all that stuff. What I'm looking for is suggestions about the hunting part.

09-04-2011, 11:51 PM

I'm a fishing guide up here, but I'm a hunter first. All things considered, you're best to stick with a guide. The logistics of a DIY moose hunt here are huge, especially if you want a good one. You don't just park at a trailhead and go hunting here. Sure, there's always somebody who shoots a 65 incher within a mile of the road, but for every one like that, there's 50 who shoot one 20 miles from a road (or further) and have to have a way to get 500+ lbs of meat out, usually in the pouring rain, and with temps over 50 degrees. Good bulls are way back, trails are scarce, horses are few, and planes are expensive. Boats are usually in the mix too. Most of the better areas are on a draw, and as in CO, the better the unit, the harder the draw. I drew a 2% unit this year, 40 miles from town and can't find a DIY way to get close to the moose. Need to get horses 5 miles across a lake just to get started.

If I haven't scared you off yet, and you're still determined, start reading everything you can find on areas, logistics, drawings, and maybe something semi guided (drop camp). Feel free to contact me in a private message with questions, and I'll give you any help I can.

I'll be down there in a couple weeks to hunt goats. Drew 3/301 with 13 points and I'm all fired up.

Good luck

Colorado Cowboy
09-05-2011, 08:14 AM
Thanks for the advice, it is great. I'll PM you when I get back from elk hunting about fishing.

09-06-2011, 09:48 PM
Good luck with the Elk

09-07-2011, 12:25 PM
I am very curious about all things Alaska. Hunting moose is a start! When you end up going good luck with your adventure and have lots of fun!

10-03-2011, 11:40 AM
I had my first Moose hunt in Southeast Alaska this Season....I learned a lot about Moose, and met some awesome folks up there. I put together a video (http://elkmtngear.com/blog/southeast-alaska-adventure-2011.html), hopefully it will help answer a question or two, about what you might expect.

Best of Luck,