View Full Version : stranger to friend?

08-18-2011, 10:59 PM
has anyone ever meet a stranger out hunting who went out of there way to help you or your kid and became a friend?

08-18-2011, 11:56 PM
Had a friend of mine break down while out hunting and a man and his son stopped to help, ended up towing them out of the woods many miles back into civilization. Wouldn't accept any money for helping but just said that if you come across someone in the same predicament just return the favor. To make a long story short, almost 20 years later in the same general spot where he had broken down, he came upon a disabled rig. Remembering what had happened to him he stopped to see what he could do. It turned out to be the original helpers son, who finally recognized my friend. A great example of what goes 'round comes 'round!!!

08-19-2011, 10:41 AM
That is a pretty cool story Jerry.

08-19-2011, 08:45 PM
The antelope my son killed the other day was made available to him by a gentalman that i meet on opening weekend. We were both hunting the same area and camping within 25 yards of each other. When I brought my son back so he could hunt we would talk about the day the evening before our last day he invited us to share his blind and showed my son what a true sportsman is. What a great day and a new friend.

08-20-2011, 08:52 AM
Years ago I went out on a day trip with my wife and kids to scout out some camping areas. I also was lazy hunting deer, as they are easy to bow hunt in this remote area along the roads and trails. We had not seen anything by 3pm and as I went back to my truck I noticed a HUGE puddle in the dirt under the engine. I had blown my power steering. I had two choices to go. Further into the remote area where a lake was and it was MD weekend, or back track to a highway that had no shoulders if I had to pull over.

We went deeper toward the lake. By the time I got to the lake, the truck sounded like a Mercedes diesel on crack and I knew we were not going to make it far. We stopped a Fish and Game officer and asked if he had a SAT phone which he did. He asked we pull up the road a ways and he would turn around. We stopped by a group of families that was camping. They offered to put us up for the night and feed us. The F and G officer let me make a call to have someone meet me in a town about 65 miles away.
We visited with the group of families for a bit and decided to drive the truck till it quit then see where we were.(crazy Idea but thats what I do sometimes)

We made it halfway to the town I was headed to. (Cascade Idaho) My power steering pulley bearing gave out and the pulley went through the fan. We were officially done. It was dark, we were barely on the pavement on WarmLake Hwy.(For those that dont know, thats a freakin long ways from anywhere).
We were there 4-5 min and a guy came along and towed us all the way into Cascade!!!. My truck and a trailer behind his little ford. (God bless you Hershal.) He took no money, no gas, nothing we could offer.

Two months later we were at church and a lady came up to us. It was one of the wives of the family we had stopped by at the lake.

Good people are out there. Remembering to offer help to those we see stuck is hard to do, but after help like that, I always look twice to offer help if I can. Its also amazing how often you will run into those that help you too after an adventure like that.

Now the best part about this story is....my sister opted to come get us, and a man at her church small group didnt want her to come up the mountain highway alone in the dark. He came with her, and helped to get my family and I back home......today he is my Brother-In-Law! What a way to put two people together!! :)

08-20-2011, 03:18 PM
A couple of years ago my friends and I were heading from camp to a spot to hunt deer. Long story short my friend and another vehicle got in an accident on crappy icy roads. Both trucks were disabled. We were 18 miles from our camp and it was 2 hours before dark. Luckily two vehicles came by and were able to take us and the other group to their camps. When we asked to pay for their kindness they would not accept they said to just pass it on. A month later my friend was driving down the highway and stopped to help another hunter. He had shot an elk but was having trouble packing it out. So my friend helped. That same hunter was the passenger in the vehicle that gave us a ride back to camp. Small world.