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08-11-2011, 04:58 PM
Hello to everyone! I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I am from Texas and have only hunted out west four times, but I hunt every chance I get. This Sept. a friend and I are driving to Idaho for a DIY backpacking elk hunt. We both have a rifle B-tag for the selway and were planning on hunting unit 19. We have studied and trained for this hunt. However there is still a lot things that we do not know. One thing we were wondering is if access was possible or practical if we came from Riggins toward the south side of the unit across the salmon river? If so, is there a lot of people parked, camping, or hunting here? Do they hike in from here a couple of miles? My friend and I have never been to Idaho and will not have a chance to do any scouting. So we were also wondering if this area had good hunting. We were also thinking of getting a deer tag for this unit. I am not looking for someones spot just wondering if this area is a good plan. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

08-12-2011, 09:39 PM
You guys should look at the elevation gain from the river up. It's super steep. Did I mention STEEP. It's a tough hunt, I know the season sounds tempting. I would not worry about people, I would be more worried about getting to the elk. Access is a problem if you do not have a jet boat. Look at the boundries a little closer, or get a map with the boundries on them,,, what i'm saying will make more sense. Lots of timber rattlers in Sept. on the Salmon. They are always on the North facing slopes. So watch out,,, our little timber rattlers are alot nastier than those diamond back's down in the desert.

If you can figure out the logistics it can be pretty good. Bulls range from 280-300 on average, with a very few going a little over. HINT: you will not see any elk sign unitl you get at least half way to the top.

good luck

08-13-2011, 10:25 AM
Thank you for the reply. I have looked at good topo maps and understand that it is very steep. That is one reason I picked this area, but now I am worried that the access just getting into the unit is going to be harder than I imagined. The tag was very tempting but now I know why it is what it is. I do not have a jet boat, and know that this would be a great idea if I had one. Does any one know if it is hard or really expansive to get some one to give you a ride down the river and pick you up later? Does anyone know anyone up there that i can get in touch with? I looked and only found three roads that get you close to the unit or wilderness area, and two of the roads dont seem like you can drive a truck on them. Does any one know how the guys at the shepp ranch and Mackeybar ranch get to there location?

thank you for the heads up on the snakes, i cant stand them.

08-13-2011, 11:16 PM
Get ahold of the shepp ranch or there are fishing guides in Riggins that are always looking for some money. Also don't get dropped off by the Shepp ranch, they guide heavily.

08-14-2011, 01:21 PM
Hey Im from around there and have some friends who always pack in about 18 miles with horses and do very well in that unit, recentley its slowed down due to the pressure of wolves, but regardless good unit if you're willing to put some miles on.....You can drive to dixie and have some access around the border of the unit and get into some decent highcountry elk hunting, or there is a trail from mackay bar area also but that time of year you're going to have to get a little higher elevation! The later november tag in that unit is a great one to get jet boated in, many friends do that. If you are interested in the jet boat idea you can also contact kilgore adventures, they run the salmon river a lot. GOOD LUCK!