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08-10-2011, 08:50 AM
Hey all, I thought I'd get a little advice from those of you who have hunted either on of these areas. My brother and I will be heading to Montana to do a little elk hunting in September with our bows, we will be hunting the week of the 17-25. I have done a little research and have decided to either hunt the East and West Pioneer area in the Beaverhead National Forest or the Tabacco Roots. I was over there looking at both areas last month and we saw a few elk in both areas. It seems that the Tabacco's have more road access to more of the unit than the Pioneers and the south and east side of the Tabacco's are not as rugged as the north side. I did go up and check out the Ramshorn creek area and the Mill creek area and they looked pretty "elkie". What asking is what is the hunting pressure like during archery elk season and which unit would be better than the other. Dont need any honey holes but just a few pointers from those who have had hunting expereance in these units. Thanks again.

08-10-2011, 10:10 AM
Great elk country! With a much dryer year I would be more specific on one area, but with all the water and feed in the mountains, plan on putting on some miles. The elk could be anywhere. Pick a good access point to where it gets you access to a road-less part of the mountain. Then just start walking every ridge and valley until you find elk sign. Plenty of mountain to hunt. Don't overlook the small finger pockets of timber.

I think you picked a great week. The moon will be fading out at night, so the action should be prime. Be prepaired for snow and hot weather. You never know.

Good luck! Its almost time.