View Full Version : Spotting Scope dilema, Nikon or Leupold?

07-26-2011, 04:11 PM
Nikon 13-30x50 ED Fieldscope is priced at $799.95 and weighs 18 ozs. Leupold offers the same optics in their SX-1Ventana, 34 ozs with a carring case and tripod for $349.99. I have purchased many hunting scopes from Leupold over the years and consider them to be of excellent quality. On the other hand I own a pair of Nikon Monarch binoculars 8x42 and a Nikon digital camera, which I also consider to be of great quality. Can anyone explain to me why I should pay an extra $500 for the Nikon spotting scope. Is the glass really worth $500 more than what Leopold is offering? This purchase I am about to make is a once in a lifetime purchase. I want to be sure I am putting my money on the best product. This spotting scope needs to stand up to the rigors of horse back packing and long solo trips into the high country.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated.